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Crafty Christmas: Yarn Bottles

December 27, 2009

Last year my siblings and I swapped hand crafted gifts for Christmas in an effort to cut back. In addition to diy goodies we also gave low budget items like a book or socks. Crafty Christmas was a hit and we’ve decided to do it again this year – it makes the holidays recession-friendly and the gifts more special. Last year I bought tea towels and stenciled them with a Lotta Jansdotter pattern. This year I grabbed some yarn and root beer bottles to make some Winter-y vases. They would look great in a Winter table setting for dinner parties or weddings. Click through for the how-to!

Yarn Wrapped Bottles DIY



Used bottles (vases or votives work too)

Hot glue gun

Hot glue


Gather the bottles and remove labels, clean them, and let them dry. Plug the glue gun in and let it heat up. Pull the yarn end out and start wrapping it around the opening of the bottle with the yarn end facing down toward the bottom of the bottle. Add a small dot of hot glue to the bottle to secure the first loop of yarn. Start wrapping the yarn around the bottle, following the bottle shape and adding hot glue dots as needed to hold the yarn in place. When you get to the base of the bottle start adding more glue dots and cut the yarn. Add a glue dot to the underside of the yarn tip  and press into the place. The end should blend in.


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